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Rotherham Shop

Units 53 and 55 Rotherham Centenary Indoor Groundfloor Market

Howard Street

S65 1EL

Monday to Saturday 08.30 - 16.30

tel. 07804 120290


Rotherham Centenary ground floor Market.

We were the first shop in Rotherham Market dedicated to selling only electronic cigarettes.

Many have tried to copy us but they sell cheap and 3rd party bought items.

We decided to distance ourselves from them and open a permanent outlet offering a quality and extensive range of products.

The Shop was established so we could offer a six days a week service that could not be confused with other outdoor stalls selling smoking paraphernalia (filter tips - papers - Hookah pipes etc.) that sell untested cheap kits and e-liquids that do not comply with current labelling regulations or state nicotine strength and manufacturer.

Complaints of faulty batteries and leaking !

This is a busy vibrant Market situated on two indoor levels and one uptairs large outdoor covered area. We are in a double shop unit at the rear of the downstairs indoor Market.

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