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Popular Questions

Popular Questions

  1. What is an E-Cigarette

An electronic cigarette is a rechargeable battery powered personal vaporizer (PV) or inhaler, often in the form of acigarette, and can contain either flavoured refill liquid with or without nicotine. The nicotine strength can also be varied according to the user'srequirement. The refill is usually called e-liquid. High-power models are also available that do not resemble an ordinary cigarette but instead look like a thick tube or a small box with a mouthpiece attached.

E-cigarettes are a modern way to replace smoking and obtain nicotine - an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, desirable since they are likely to be a lot less harmful. They can also be used without nicotine. The refill liquids contain about half a dozen ingredients that are all licensed for human consumption and considered acceptably safe, as against the 4000+ discovered so far in cigarette smoke of which many are known to be toxic and/or carcinogenic.

The main ingredients of e-liquid are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) both of which are used in a wide variety of everyday food products. Flavouring and nicotine are added at varying strengths.

  1. How do e-cigarettes work

All e-cigarettes have a battery and a head unit. Rechargeable batteries are used, and the head (the end fittings at the mouthpiece end) consists of an atomizer coil which is heated by the battery,and a cartridge containing refill liquid. In some models the last two components are combined in a 'cartomizer'. When the switch is pressed, or in the case of auto models, when air is pulled through, the heating element vaporizes the liquid and produces a mist. You draw or pull air through it just like a tobacco cigarette. The water-based vapour contains flavouring, and nicotine if desired. No combustion is involved and nothing is lit - all that happens is a liquid is heated and vaporized. It's not smoking, but looks and feels like it.

  1. Why use an e-cigarette

The main reason is consumer choice, as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

The idea is to obtain the nicotine in a coolmist with a few well-known ingredients that are all approved for human consumption, instead of inhaling the smoke from burning plant materials. It is known that smoking tobacco cigarettes has many health issues and perhaps around a one-in-three chance of early death. There is little or no smell, no second-hand smoke, and no smell of smoke on your clothes and hair, and no risk of harming anyone else.

  1. Who can use an e-cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are used by smokers over18 who are looking for a better alternative. No one else should use one.

  1. Are e-cigarettes healthier

No one can say,because there are no long-term clinical trials or any other research that could verify or disprove such a statement.

The latest version was invented in 2003(older models exist) and have only been widely used since 2006. This is one of those things on which you have to make your own decision. However, many people regard the decision to inhale a cool mist with half a dozen ingredients, none of which are known to be toxic or carcinogenic, or alternatively inhale a bonfire, as what is popularly termed as a no-brainer - which is why e-cigarettes are taking the world by storm.

Current medical opinion is that use of e-cigarettes is less harmful thansmoking, and this has been accepted by some national authorities. Opinionvaries on exactly how much less harmful, and until some long-term data isavailable.

Current medicalopinion is that responsible consumption of nicotine equates with caffeine(coffee), although the individual may need their doctor to evaluate the riskfor them.

  1. Isn't Nicotine harmful

Nicotine is not the harmful ingredient in tobacco. It is the smoke that kills. The smoke and combustion artefacts cause lung cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses. There is absolutely no medical evidence anywhere that nicotine is more harmful than coffee (caffeine).

It also needs to be appreciated that everyone tests positive for nicotine as it is a normal part of the diet. This is so important that it should be repeated: everyone tests positive for nicotine. Unless no vegetables are eaten, everyone has it in the bloodstream, in very small amounts, since it is a common ingredient in vegetables. A related material, nicotinic acid, is a vitamin -Niacin or Vitamin B3 - so to say it is alien, toxic or universally harmful isobviously untrue.

Without the smoke, 'vaping' is likely to be far less harmful. Nicotine is best avoided by those who are pregnant or have heart disease. You may want to avoid it if you also do not take caffeine or alcohol by drinking coffee, tea, wine or beer. Like these substances, taking more of it should probably be avoided, in a perfect world. Some people however find their lives are dysfunctional without nicotine, and an electronic cigarette is probably as good a way as any to supply it.

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