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Comments and Testimonials


Excellent delivery service while you were shut due to Covid-19 restrictions. Many thanks and glad you are open again.


Told about Andrew's stall at Rotherham and was worth the wait in the queue to get his kit. Tried many flavours and he filled me up to get me going. Have not had a fag since ! Family getting supplies now. Thanks Quotes

Mark from Rotherham new customer

From the first time of coming across Andrew and the electricvape Establishment it has opening my eyes even further into the vaping world, Andrew is very knowledgeable-on the subject of vaping, so if you are a new to vaping you will get all the expert advice you will ever need. Customer service is excellent and Andrew and his staff are friendly and welcoming always polite and pleasant you will not be disappointed with the customer service. There is a wide range of stock in juice also all you need for in the price there is something for everyones budget. You will be offered a try before you buy in juices if you require, also if you require anything and he hasn't got it in stock tanks batteries it is no trouble the team will try there best to get it for you. For example i wanted a red vision spinner battery and Andrew put himself out to try to get me one.A bigthanks to the team at electricvape . Gary.


Customer Rotherham

Absolutely superb service. I've not touched a cig since going to Andrews stall. He and all the staff are very helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Many thanks for your help Quotes


Satisfied Customer

Been a smoker for 42 yrs, a friend told me about Andys product so tried it and haven't looked back since, tried a cigarette once and didn't enjoy it anymore, tasted bad so am now a vaper and feeling better for it! Great alternative and so much cheaper!! Quotes

Dee Quennell

satisfied ex-smoker

Andy has a good range of flavours and products. I would highly recomend a visit if you are serious about stopping smoking. I tried various nicoteen replacment methods before vaping and always struggled to stop. I stopped instantly when I first started vaping. I feel loads better in myself and am not short of breath anymore. Thanks Very Much Andy. Quotes

Andy From Hoyland

Satisfied Customer

After 42 years of smoking citeeatgrs and being diagnosed with COPD I made the switch to e cigs (I don't like that term), I call them nicotine replacement therapy. The tobacco industries are losing money. The pharmaceuticals, who never came up with ANYTHING that worked or didn't make you sicker are losing money. Smokers have been banned from everywhere like a bunch of second class people. We had no sympathy for our addiction and no help from all the agencies that didn't want us smoking. Now millions of us have found a safe alternative and have quit smoking and they want to punish us???? I am proud to be an ex-smoker and I would hope that my government agencies and officials would help instead of hinder my accomplishment by making it more expensive for me to be so! I no longer have to take any medication for the COPD either so I guess they are losing even more money on me. Why in the heck is the "protection" from the FDA needed - it's NOT!!! You buy from a trusted supplier so you know that what you are vaping is safe. I for one is smart enough to figure that out and I trust that most of us with a brain can.


After 42 years of sm

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